IT Equipments & Rentals

We specialize in long term IT Equipments rentals from computers, laptops, Routers, Modems, Servers, Printers and many more.......

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Payment Options

Rentals are payable in advance and Delivery will only take place or collections allowed once there is a confirmation of proof of payment or reflection of money in the bank account.

Long Term Rentals - Option ranges frm 24 to 36 months

We specialize in long term Desktop computer rentals, laptops, Routers, Modem, Large and medium printers, and many more particularly according to your company's needs. We have flexible end of term options whereby after the end of your term you can continue to rent or even buy. We also provide insurance options in case of theft and damage.

Rental Benefits

Find solution to your company's need by renting IT equipment with us hassle free.

Reduced Payments

There are no large upfront payments and big stressful budget.

Faster Approval

Shorter turnaround time and quick administration.

Free IT Audit

Free Quick Advise and we will provide with the most cost effective solution.

Flexible end of Term Options

At the end of your term you can continue renting or even buy with a reasonable prices including VAT.


If Applicable, your rental is protected against theft and damage. Optional equipments will be issued.

Support & Maintenance

We provide with IT Support and maintenance for the whole of term and beyond extension of the rental.

Need help? Call our Rock-Stars Support team

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